meet EquiptBaby the ultimate diaper bag for babies and families on the move!

EquiptBaby products give you the confidence that all details of life with baby are handled so you can be present in all life's moments with your family. Welcome to the new world of baby organization. Whether you're going out for coffee, a play date in the park, or all around town we've got you covered!

now EquiptBaby now comes in two great styles!

The EquiptBaby Santa Rosa

EquiptBaby Santa Rosa

The EquiptBaby Anacapa

New! EquiptBaby Anacapa

EquiptBaby is excited to announce a new offering- the EquiptBaby Anacapa. Featuring a new material and a soft base, it shares all of the revolutionary features as the original. Staying with our dedication to a stylish gender-neutral baby bag, the Anacapa features a versatile mineral gray material paired with a soft yet durable base.

Now known as the EquiptBaby Santa Rosa, the original bag keeps it's classic color scheme and firm base. Now with more options EquiptBaby is better than ever.

EquiptBaby has features that parents love:


EquiptBaby is a baby bag

When baby and parent are resting or changing diapers, the bag is designed to hang from a chair or door knob. When the two outside snaps are released from the shoulder straps of the bag, the bag holds shape and allows access to the organized inside pockets which have ample storage for clothes, diapers, wipes and toys.The product is designed to eliminate the frustration of digging around and the feeling of a bottomless bag while you search for your needs. The solid base of the bag and egg shaped sides of the bag hug onto you while carrying the bag, when bending over the bag stays in place, therefore the contents of the bag stay in place. We like to call it the rear effect.

EquiptBaby Comfy Canopy

EquiptBaby is a comfy canopy

When it’s rest time, pull the collapsible Comfy Canopy from bag and shake it loose into shape. Place the Comfy Canopy insert pad into Comfy Canopy. If you are at the park or in another outside setting the sun shade on the Comfy Canopy provides protection. In addition, the protective mesh netting can be pulled down and clipped to sides of Comfy Canopy to ensure that pests have no access to your baby.

The Comfy Canopy is made of rip stop nylon SPF 50 providing baby with additional sun protection.

EquiptBaby contains an insulated cooler pocket

Insert an ice pack into the insulted cooler pocket which will keep bottles and snacks cool for hours. The ample storage space inside the cooler will hold bottles and snacks for the day. The liner inside the cooler pocket is made from nylon which is easy to clean yet durable. The bag liner around the cooler pocket between the inner bags is lined with needle punched wool that wicks moisture to ensure the contents of the diaper bag stay dry.

EquiptBaby is a preventative measure

With its roll down insect protection mesh, EquiptBaby Comfy Canopy can protect baby from mosquitoes that carry malaria or the Zika virus. With Zika on the rise and now in the United States, it's imperative small children are protected and Comfy Canopy is one measure you can easily take!

  • EquiptBaby Bag
  • EquiptBaby Comfy Canopy
  • EquiptBaby Cooler Pocket and Bottle
  • EquiptBaby Protects with roll down mesh



our commitments

  • EquiptBaby is commited to: Ecology


    We embrace our responsibility to green sustainable practices. For Earth, and for our children.

  • EquiptBaby is commited to: Social Responsibility

    social responsibility

    EquiptBaby insures that our products are not produced in manufacturing plants that employee child labor.

    On a global scale, over the next few years, EquiptBaby will work to lower infant mortality from Malaria in countries where it is prevalent.

  • EquiptBaby is commited to: Americans in Uniform

    those that serve.

    EquiptBaby offers a discounted price on all our product line to all of our military families.

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